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Dr. Biba Visnjicki

Dr. Biba Visnjicki

  • Fraunhofer Project Center
  • Director Business Development
  • Digital transformation for connected, agile manufacturing


Challenges within todays manufacturing Industry are optimum usage of the ocean of data, development and re-design of production system and re-configuration of the value chains. Impact of new environmental regulations, customer centricity, the need for speed and rapidly evolving platform-based manufacturing networks so called “distributed manufacturing” forces industry to look for  different operational excellence models, business models and organizational profiles.

The focus of the presentation will be on the most important trends-enabler of the smart manufacturing systems and a first world demonstrator on fully adaptive production system using 5G technology will be presented. 


Over the last decade dr. Biba Visnjicki has supported companies world-wide in strategy, business development and was frequently building and steering national and international innovation teams.

She started her professional career in Serbia, finished PhD studies in The Netherlands. Since 2017 she is Director Business Development at the Fraunhofer Project Center.

Fraunhofer, the largest applied research organization in Europe, with 72 institutes, is  supporting industries in: acceptance and organization of Industry 4.0 principles, development and implementation of newest technologies and production systems, and builds demonstrators and incubators for next generation manufacturing leaders.

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