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Emil Nigl

Emil Nigl

  • Grob GmbH
  • Is Industry 4.0 a marketing joke? Digitization from the point of view of a manufacturer.


Mr. Nigl presents from the point of view of a mechanical engineering company with production plants worldwide the challenges that arise in the digitization and implementation of goals to industry 4.0. GROB has developed the solutions itself and is currently one of the leading companies in this field.

The lecture is intended to show other companies which prerequisites are necessary and offer suggestions for implementing their own projects.


Emil Nigl has been involved in the transmission of digital data since 1996. His career has included professional broadcast television, consulting on data security and data encryption for large companies, and project-related sales of industrial computer hardware for mechanical engineering. The last years he spent in additive manufacturing with large industrial 3D printing systems for rapid prototyping. Since 3 years he is responsible at GROB for the implementation of digitization projects and advises customers on the topic of industry 4.0.

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